Common Potoo and More – Photos of Karanambu Wildlife

Here are some of my best photos of Karanambu’s wildlife, beginning with the Common Potoo.  This is a chick – probably about 3 weeks old – and not quite ready to fledge.  It was hatched on this stump!

Karanambu Common Potoo Jul 27, 2009 6-35 AM

Potoo egg

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One comment on “Common Potoo and More – Photos of Karanambu Wildlife

  1. Naomi Kirschenbaum on said:

    Thanks for posting the Potoo and the Egg. Very cool, I hope the little egg makes it…

    They are such silly birds, it always look like they are inviting you to scratch the underside of their soft necks.

    It’s really a remarkably, beautiful place.

    Hope it can be saved. Naomi

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